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DSSL News представляет видеорепортажи с IFSEC 2010

IFSEC является одной из самых крупнейших и значимых выставок технологий безопасности во всем мире. Она ежегодно объединяет более 25000 профессионалов из данной отрасли и свыше 600 ведущих компаний. Профили выставки разделены более чем  на 7 тематических секторов.

DSSL News presents video reportings from IFSEC 2010

IFSEC is the world's leading global annual security event, uniting over 25,000 security professionals with more than 600 world leading companies, spread over seven product areas, to source all your security solutions and meet with your peers.

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Digital Video Surveillance System TRASSIR

Russian DSSL Company is one of the recognized leaders in development, production and promotion of digital surveillance systems. DSSL’s systems have been on the market for over 7 years and have gained a reputation as easy-to use and reliable video recorders affordable to most consumers. The company’s experience encompasses solutions for different scale objects from different industries- MICEX, “RosBusinessConsulting”, the largest hotel complex in Europe “Izmailovo”, such international corporations as Coca-cola, McDonald`s and Nestle, Gazprom, Technonikol’s factories and many other companies have entrusted their security to DSSL’s security products.

From its very creation the company is committed to the strategy of innovation, being the first in the market to launch products that offer solutions in complex non-standard situations. The research conducted by the company and application of the newest algorithms enable it to develop and implement state-of-the-art technologies. It is thanks to DSSL’s activity that progressive systems with host signal processor have gained popularity in Russia and a promising surveillance trend of IP surveillance has become available.

DSSL’s product range today is unique in terms of segmentation, each product is intended for a particular set of purposes, which makes it possible for the company to offer variants that ideally meet all the parameters set by the customer. The product line under the trademark TRASSIR, which is the main company’s brand, includes both powerful record systems operating in real-time modes on host signal processing boards and a wide choice of low cost models with different recording and IP video server rates. As an alternative variant the company offers ready Linux-based video recorders under the trademark StorNix™. The company also gives a lot of attention to developing detection technologies and intelligent video analysis, offering its own vehicle identification numbers detection system Auto-TRASSIR and a new generation detector iMotionTrassir with an object tracing technique SIMT.

One of the company’s goals is to keep up the highest level of after purchase services that are oriented towards customers and distributors’ convenience. DSSL’s warranty and service support package includes free software updating with no time limit, a two-year warranty for hardware system components, discounts at replacing equipment with new models, free technical support, corporate service programmes "0-24-96" and «Server change».